Why Us

Why Real Venetian Rowing?

Getting a gondola ride in Venice is quite a must, but rowing a typical boat is something you probably have never thought about. We are partnering with Gloria Rogliani, a true champion of Regata Storica, who is going to teach you how to row as a Venetian.

You will row with professional teachers who will teach you how to row throughout Venice’s canals. You will learn a lot of interesting information about the history of the gondola and the name of its pieces.

Do you want to rowing a boat like a Venetian? Let’s take this chance!

Still not convinced?

You have many other reasons to choose us. We are all Venetians and we know our city like the back of our hand.  
We can bring you to the most hidden canals and corners without getting lost.
Every tour involves few people, this because we want you to get the most out of it.
Our headquarter is inside an old “Cavana”, a typical Venetian covered warehouse for boats, and this is really something you won’t see everywhere.
We are a group of English-speaking expert and professional people and what matters most to us is your safety.
Booking your experience cannot be easier on Real Venetian Experience, you instantly get a confirmation!
Last but not least you will do a completely eco-friendly experience!

Our goal and our company

We strongly believe in sustainable tourism. We love our city. It is fragile and needs to be treated kindly.

Venice has been loved by people from every time and place. Its unicity is important for the entire world. What really strikes a lot, except for the historical palaces and its history, is the perfect relationship that Venice has with the water of the lagoon. They are living together as if they were a single element.

All those canals represent the real Venice, the one that Venetian people have been living for centuries.

Real Venetian Experience was born in March, 2015 and the very next year we have expand our staff, choosing people who love Venice like we do.

Real Venetian Experience is owned by 3 of us: Davide Lucano, Arben Doci and Luca Zanon.

Who we are


Davide Lucano – Co-funder – 29 years old

From 2000 and 2009 I used to kayak at a competitive level and I obtained great results in the National team. In 2008  I became the Italian champion among universities, in the same year I went to Beijing to partecipate to the International Canoe Federation (ICF).

I have been teaching children to go canoeing for ages. I can row with the Venetian technique and normally, I can paddle a dargon boat too.

I am graduated in medicine and I live in Milan.

I love playing guitar and acting.


Arden Doci – Co-funder – 28 year old

I have been kayaking and rowing since 2006. I attended ICF world championships twice, the first one in Hungary and the second one in Milan. At the Palio of the Ancient Maritime Republics I represented Venice on the galleon (Palio delle Repubbliche Marinare).

I am graduated in environmental science and a coach at FICK (Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation).

I am a really decisive person.


Luca Zanon – Co-founder 31 years old

I am the owner of Birreria Zanon, the first one selling Forst beer. Venetians know me and my business because of my delicious tramezzini with brown bread.

If you you want to pass by after kayaking, you can try some delicious “chicheti” personally.

I love to travel too.